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18,49 EUR*
Details The Gulf Family: Kinship Policies and Modernity (SOAS Middle East Issues)

The Gulf Family The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) countries are all monarchies, but their societies, economies and polities are organised primarily through kinship in the form of extended families and tribes. This book ...

118,92 EUR*
Details And We're All Brothers: Singing in Yiddish in Contemporary North America (Soas Musicology)

The dawn of the twenty-first century marked a turning period for American Yiddish culture. The 'Old World' of Yiddish-speaking Eastern Europe was fading from living memory - yet at the same time, Yiddish song enjoyed a renaissance of creative interest ...

113,51 EUR*
Details State-Society Relations in Ba'thist Iraq: Facing Dictatorship (SOAS/Routledge Studies on the Middle East)

State-society Relations in Ba'thist Iraq Examines whether traditional paradigms of totalitarian rule can be applied to Ba'thist Iraq. This work examines state-society relations and uncovers the nature of the regime and how Iraqis lived with it. Full ...

119,99 EUR*
Details Court Cultures in the Muslim World: Seventh to Nineteenth Centuries (SOAS/Routledge Studies on the Middle East)

Courts and the complex phenomenon of the courtly society have received intensified interest in academic research over recent decades, however, the field of Islamic court culture has so far been overlooked. This book provides a comparative perspective ...

39,00 EUR*
Details Cities in the Pre-Modern Islamic World: The Urban Impact of Religion, State and Society (Soas/ Routledge Studies on the Middle East)

Cities in the Pre-Modern Islamic World This volume is an inter-disciplinary endeavour which brings together recent research on aspects of urban life and structure by architectural and textual historians and archaeologists, engendering exciting new ...